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Addiction Dynamics Workshop for Family and Friends
Presenter:  James P. Foster, LMSW, LCDC

This 5 week workshop has been developed as a support for anyone who is concerned about a loved one’s use of substances.
                   When:    Wednesdays, Feb. 26, through March 26, 2014
      Time:      6:30 pm – 7:45
      Where:   Northpark Counseling Associates & TRS N. Dallas
                                  8350 Meadow Road Suite 194
                            Dallas, TX  75231

Cost:  $125.00 for all 5 sessions
To register please email:, or call Julia at 214-564-3343
You will learn to identify signs and symptoms of substance misuse and addiction.
You will learn why a person “can’t just stop “even though the consequences are painful. 
You will learn the common family reactions and attempts to manage the situations.
You will learn about different levels and models of treatment most common today.
You will learn how healthy vs unhealthy family’s function.
  You will learn how a family can grow together as they work through addiction.

If someone you care about struggles with substance misuse or addiction you will not want to miss this workshop!

Now Forming:
Family Group

Northpark Counseling is now forming an ongoing family group for anyone whose family life has been impacted by addiction or substance misuse. 

The goal of this group is to provide ongoing therapy, support and education to couples / families as they work to rebuild relationships damaged by substance dependence.

If you would like more information or are interested in being a part of this group please contact James Foster, LMCS, LCDC at or 972-639-4963